Musings of a Pattinson Addict

Twilight has turned me into a bobcat for Robert Pattinson, I can't help it.

The World Needs Another Robert Pattinson/Twilight Blog

Posted by robsbobcat on June 4, 2009

There really isn’t enough of them out there.  We all know it’s true.  And I feel that I could contribute at least something that is probably useless, but entertaining to the blogosphere.

So, about me.  I’m totally a bobcat for rob (bobcat: a woman in her 30s who loves younger men – like a 23 Rob for example).  It almost makes me feel ashamed, almost.  I would love nothing more than to be that older woman who shows him the ways of the world.

Mmmm....  Now thats what Im talking about.


I also have a desire to nominate him for What Not to Wear, and to make sure that he has better luck finding things in the second hand store he must frequent.  Or, I could just keep him unclothed at all times, which is probably the most reasonable option.

Example of a second hand store trip gone wrong.

Example of a second hand store trip gone wrong.

I keep my obsession about Twilight books, movies, and the delicious Robert Pattinson under wraps, since it’s 1) probably not healthy and 2) I work in the world of politics where image matters (though one of my staffers is an addict herself, maybe I’ll come out of the addict closet to her).  I will be posting my love these things for the world to see, and maybe some spectacular political stories that probably involve beer and politicians.  I promise to add something Rob related to all political stories to make sure that I stay true to the mission.

Now, back to my coffee.  It’s getting cold, and if I don’t get caffeine into my system I’ll end up rocking a bitch face to my staff for the rest of the day.


2 Responses to “The World Needs Another Robert Pattinson/Twilight Blog”

  1. chaos said

    bobcat huh? guess I fit the description too

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